Accountant vs. Bookkeeper: What Do They Do for a Business?

Do you know the difference between accounting and bookkeeping? When a person tells you that he or she is an accountant or a bookkeeper what comes into your mind? Does that really matter? An accountant is a person who prepares the financial records and a bookkeeper is the one who ensures that these records are kept well and in a safer place. To ensure sound accounting, the bookkeeping services should be prepared on time. Accounting data should be reliable and accurate so that it can be easy for the management to make sound decisions and know the progress of the business or company. Hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant can be expensive but it is important for you to ensure that you hire either of them to manage your finances.


Accounting simply means the recording, reporting and also the analysis of the financial transactions. Accounting is important everywhere and without accounting you may not be able to know whether your business is making profits or losses. On the other hand bookkeeping refers to maintaining the financial records of a company or a business. Bookkeeping is almost similar to accounting because both of them are encompassed within the same scope. Melbourne is one of the places where bookkeeping and accounting are given an upper hand.

What does accounting involve?

Accounting also involves many other things and among them are preparation of the financial statements including the assets and liabilities.  Accounting also enables you to know the operating results of any business and in this way you can be able to know the direction that your business is taking. Accountants usually specialize is some specific fields that are within the scope of accounting like auditing, taxes and management. Bookkeepers Melbourne play a great role of ensuring that books of accounts are properly kept.


Do you know what bookkeeping is? Bookkeeping simply involves recording and keeping of financial transactions of any business or company. Bookkeeping helps one to know how the transactions of one account relate to each other. It is largely said to be a mechanical process and there are no analysis of any financial records or transactions.  Recording mainly entails recording of the financial transactions. In the past the financial records were kept in the books and that is where the name bookkeeping came from. Nowadays bookkeeping is done in more effective way and this is by use of a bookkeeping software package. Click here!

Functions of a bookkeeper

The primary function of a bookkeeper is to record transactions and post these transactions on the ledger. Bookkeepers should ensure that they do proper recording so that the information they records can be relied on at all times. That is why bookkeepers are sometimes referred to as accounts clerk. Do you know the types of bookkeepers that we have? There are two main types of bookkeepers and they include single and double entry. Bookkeeping services are very important services and they should only be carried out by professional and experienced bookkeepers only. For more information about bookkeepers visit our website

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